Wellness Wednesday: Raw Honey

So you heard about my love affair with Thieves® and your game to try it out, buttttt what the heck do you do with the nasty cold that decided to get a head start on duking it out with your immune system?

Well, have you heard of raw honey? Of course, everyone has heard of honey, but what’s the big deal with raw? Well, raw honey is unfiltered and not heated, and if it has been heated, the temperature was closely monitored so that none of that denaturing stuff happened. Basically, its untampered and is fully loaded with nutrients.

If you know anything about raw honey then you probably have heard of its throat soothing and cough suppressing properties. It is also being used on skin in salves since it has some pretty powerful antimicrobial properties. There is now some research that shows that honey contains a lot of antioxidants! Woot woot! That is awesome! Some researchers are even saying raw honey can be used to help with neurodegenerative diseases like Alzheimer’s, as well as cardiovascular disease, diabetes, and even CANCER! (WHAT?!) That’s bananas! Honey is basically sugar in the body, isn’t it?! Not a

ccording to some new research that shows it contains plant compounds that HELP insulin out and assist it in getting those sugar molecules into cells. It also contains compounds that stop the enzymes from breaking it down into simple sugars. The only caveat to these therapeutic properties is that each honey varies in content of specific plant nutrients, so the consensus is that its better if you vary the types of honey you get. That sounds doable, right?!

Most farmer’s markets carry it. I got a massive jar of it for fourteen bucks and the stuff never goes bad. You can keep it on the shelf for years. A couple years ago I got a serious case of bronchitis. There was no infection, my lungs were just seriously pissed off. I tried making some homemade cough drops using honey to see if they would help. They were super sticky and did not resemble anything close to a cough drop but they did tame the beast for sure. If your throat is feeling a bit scratchy add a liberal amount of honey to your tea and drink up!

More and more research is finding that Honey is pretty awesome. Its sweet and yummy so why not add it to your life!

Can I bake with it? SURE!. I am certainly goin

g to give it a go! But NOTE: baking temperatures MAY break down those components that stop it from becoming simple sugars in the body and may even break down the antioxidant properties so maybe don’t go crazy with it? I have not been able to find any info on baking


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