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Wellness Wednesday: GOAT 's Milk

As promised today is all about Goat’s Milk.

Here’s the quick and dirty on Goat products, after you get over the strange and tangy taste, of course.

Some of you may have heard of Casein protein, the main protein source in milk. Did you know there are two different kinds?! The two classification are A1 and A2. Cow’s milk (with the exception of Jersey and Guernsey cows and cows found in Africa) are A1. This is the stuff that makes dairy not so great. It is responsible for the fact that so many people are so intolerant to milk and cheese! It is also linked to all kinds of diseases and can contribute to that yucky metabolic syndrome. Goats Milk is A2. So its a whole different animal (literally).

A2 milks are way less inflammatory and have health PROMOTING qualities. It is loaded with minerals, has more calcium, and its easier to digest. It's actually the closest thing to human breast milk. It also a ton of medium chain fat acids (remember coconut oil?!). Goat cheese even has probiotics! Here’s a benefit we are all going to like; its really good for your skin! Do you suffer from IBS? YUP, it can help that too! It is just all around good for anything association with inflammation.

Where to get it:

Goat milk is expensive, and it has a weird flavor. Even Goat yoghurt is tough to get used to but I have used it as a substitution for yoghurt or cream and its actually very tasty. Goat cheese, now thats palatable. Goat cheese is not too bad in price. You can get a decent size log of it at your major Grocery Stores for under 10 bucks. In Fact, Aldi sells little logs and they are pretty cheap.

What about A2 cows milk? Didn’t you say Jersey Cows are A2? Yes I did, but the price tag jumps up considerably since they are not as plentiful in the states. If you are from my area Orchard Fresh in Orchard Park sells Jersey Milk and its not too far off in price from organic milk. Goat products are not cheap either. To make things more complicated, it should technically be raw to get the most benefits (where are you going to get that?!?! and $$$$$) . Trader Joe’s sells goat yoghurt and all kinds of goat products (goat brie, goat cream cheese, regular goat cheese, goat yogurt, pretty much everything) at a reasonable price. Whole Foods even has goat BUTTER!

Not going to lie, goat butter is NOT budget friendly. Thats like a super special occasion kind of thing. Its more than 10 dollars a pound but I went for it and only use it to make popcorn. It gives the popcorn a super unique but really yummy flavor. I have seen goat milk in Wegmans as well. If you want the most budget friendly Goat Option that has the best flavor and most versatility, I would just stick with Goat Cheese.

Goat cheese can be added to dips, soups, risotto recipes, creamy pasta dishes, eaten with chips or crackers, spread onto a sandwich, the possibilities are truly endless.

I hope you enjoyed learning about the benefits of Goat milk and A2 milks in general. If you want to learn even more about goat products and find a place that has all the research on it one place browse It is a bit more geared toward health professionals but I find that a lot of the articles are written in such a way that anyone can get something out of them. There is not an

undigestible amount of medical speak. If you have trouble, or want more info, I am always happy to help. You can email me anytime!


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