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Wellness Wednesday: Turmeric

I am sure by now you have heard a little something about Turmeric, or maybe its main constituent Curcumin. There are now over 17000 studies on Turmeric and Curcumin. New therapeutic applications are discovered every day. In fact, the benefits are so undeniable laboratories are frantically trying to increase its bioavailability (how much your body can, digest, absorb, and assimilate). Curcumin by itself gets metabolized and excreted rapidly so it needs to be paired with something that slows that process down and gives the body a chance to use it. If you are buying curcumin supplements, make sure black pepper or Piperine is included in the ingredients; it exponentially increases the bioavailability. In fact, add a little black pepper to your turmeric dishes so that more of the good stuff gets to where it needs to go.

Always check with your health care provider if you are on medications, pregnant or nursing before you start using it in supplement form. Regular dietary intake is generally safe for anyone but always check to make sure. 👍



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