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Wellness Wednesday: Hair Care

I had been getting a lot of questions about my hair sort of recently. What’s my secret?, how did I get it so long etc. I never knew how to answer because I literally did nothing. I wash it once a week, I barely took the time to brush it. I don’t ever blow dry and very rarely use a curling iron or straightener. In fact, I was getting kind of bummed at how frizzy and dry it looked all the time so I gave up and just wore it in a bun or braids. My mom was a beautician for a living back in the day and continues to cut our family’s hair. She recently said to me, “uh Lisa, your hair is too long and the ends are dead, you are going to need to take off five inches to get the health back.” Ooooooo no she didn’t. Nuh uh, Not happening. So I only had her take off an inch and got to work on bringing it back to life in an attempt to prove her wrong.

I think operation hair resurrection is going pretty well. It is not 100% yet but its definitely getting there!

So heres what I changed:

I stopped wearing it in tight buns and braids and loosely holding it back if I needed it out of the way.

I started brushing more.

The BIGGEST thing I did that really was a game changer: adding a coconut oil routine (oh there I go again with that coconut oil!) Sorry folks, it’s pretty much a panacea, and it’s not going anywhere

I have done a coconut oil deep condition on occasion where I soak my hair in it over night and wash it out the next day. It definitely helped but it wasn’t until I added the following essential oils where it really started making a difference:


Tea Tree Oil




Peppermint (when I remember to bring it home from the office)

There are many fantastic oils for hair health and I have not tried them all as of yet, but I am REALLY happy with the results from these.

For the last month, once a week I did a deep conditioning with this coconut oil essential oil mixture and in between I would use a tiny bit to run through my hair after the third day or so after washing it. You can use plain coconut oil in small quantities to protect your hair if you are going to use any heat with drying or styling.

There really isn’t much to it!

As far as amounts of each oil, I am going to be honest, I never count. But if I had to guess I would say that in 2 tbs of coconut oil I add around 10 drops of lavender and 4-6 drops each of the rest of them. You probably dont even need that much. My brain is still adjusting to the fact that more is not better when it comes to essential oils.

The bonus of switching to a coconut oil routine regardless of your current hair status is there are no harmful chemicals and its actually adding nourishment to your hair. No matter what, you are improving the health of your hair and ditching the products that can cause damage and even leak toxins into your system.

Dr. Axe did a big spread on coconut oil for haircare which I thought was great! I didn’t even realize how many more benefits there were to adding it to your routine! Check his site out HERE if you want to learn even more.

Tell me about your experience with coconut oil use with your hair care routine! Do you love it!? Hate it!? I want to hear your feedback.



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