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Tips For Tuesday: Cooking With Essential Oils

For your Tuesday Tip I am going to speak about ingestible oils in general and their use in COOKING!

Why would you cook with them?

HOLY FLAVOR: the oils are so concentrated you only need to use a TINY bit. Tiny as in dip the tip of a tooth pick into the bottle then stir it into your dish. Some oils are not as strong as others, but it’s still good practice to go SLOW.

NUTRITION: Essential oils are loaded with therapeutic properties. All those herbs and spices you use for cooking are not only for flavor but they have health benefits! Essential Oils derived from popular herbs take that nutrition to the next level.

LONG SHELF LIFE: If stored properly, oils will last for years. Did you know you should be replacing your dried spices every six months because their flavor and nutrient value degrade over time?! Some even go rancid! I always forget! I still have spices that I don’t use in large quantities in my cupboard. I said screw it and decided to switch to the dietary oils and I am not going back!

You have to be really careful with the oils that you get. They must be therapeutic grade and be specifically marketed for internal use. Young Living Essential Oils Is my go to brand. They are a trusted company that goes to the ends of the earth to uphold their standards. They control every step of the process from the seeds, where they are planted, how they are harvested, to how the oils are extracted and bottled/packaged. In fact, they are so strict, one of their favorite oils was out of stock for TWO YEARS because they would not waver in their standards. If they can’t get the best of the best, they make you wait. Sure, that’s not great for business but amazzzzing for trust.

If you want to get your hands on these oils follow THIS LINK. If you need help with setting things up or questions about what type of account would work best for you, feel free to pop me an EMAIL!


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