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Tips for Tuesday: Orange Essential Oil

I had never associated orange or citrus with Fall until my friend Tracy, who is also an Oil lover like

myself, had a little get together during this time of year and put a little edible spread of all things Fall. One of the things that she made that blew my mind was an Essential Oil infused Spiced Apple Cider 😮. She put a

couple drops of Cinnamon and 2 or 3 drops of Orange Oil and then a drop of Clove. The Apple Cider was taken to another dimension. Go get some Apple Cider and try it; your mind will be blown.

Anyway, we are talking about Orange Essential Oil today. Orange oil is obtained via cold pressing as opposed to a distillation method. Despite the fact that Orange Oil tastes and smells AMAZING, it is loaded with a bioflavonoid called Hesperidin. There have been so many studies (THOUSANDS) looking at the therapeutic value of Hesperidin that it is starting to be called “Vitamin P”! Labs are starting to make synthetic high concentration forms of it to better under stand its potential use in modern medicine. Crazy cakes!

Hesperidin is a powerful antioxidant. Our bodies are inundated with junk, wether it be from the environment or from our diets. Exposure to physical, chemical, emotional and other environmental forms of stress cause the production of reactive oxygen species or to put it simply, oxidative stress. The idea of antioxidants is nothing new. Research is constantly trying to find new sources so that we can offer the public ways to combat the stress on our bodies. The great news is that they are plentiful in nature. In this case, Hesperidin is abundant in the rinds of oranges, from which we derive the essential oil! That means that Orange oil is pretty powerful stuff.

First and foremost it supports the liver, helps maintain and promote a healthy cardiovascular system, it also helps to maintain healthy blood sugar levels. In aromatherapy, Orange Oil is said to promote a sense of peace, harmony, and creativity. Hesperidin and Hesperitin (slightly different molecular version of Hesperidin) can support healthy brain cells since it can cross the blood brain barrier. That means that it can help with mental clarity and focus as well as the ability to recall information! I know I could always use a little more of that!

I want to mention for the sake of transparency that many of the health benefits I am mentioning have NOT been associated with Orange Oil specifically, but for Hesperidin, the bioflavonoid that is prevalent in citrus fruits. The interesting thing about Hesperidin is it is most optimally absorbed when given along with other flavonoids. Since Orange oil technically contains a whole spectrum of flavonoids because it is in “whole food form”, you may actually be able to utilize it better than if you somehow got your hands on an isolated form of it. This is where the flower child in me comes out: isn’t nature grand?! It provides everything that you need!

Given the magnitude of research on Hesperidin I think its safe to say that Orange Oil (and other citrus oils) are more than just a nice taste and smell. I don’t know about you but I think I am going to start stocking up!

Heres how you can get more orange oil into your life:

Add a few drops to water or make a fun drink using club soda

Add a few drops to your diffuser

You can apply topically if so desired (make sure to avoid sunlight in the hours following application as it can cause photosensitivity)

Add a few drops to your favorite brownie recipe to make an orange chocolatey amazingness

Add a couple drops to your favorite mixed drinks

Spice up your Apple Cider with some orange, cinnamon, and clove!

I must note again: To reap the benefits of Essential Oils, they MUST be therapeutic grade. With the growing popularity of essential oils, you are seeing more companies trying to sell their own. Do your research and make sure they have high standards and are not skimping on ingredients. If you are using them internally, they must be specifically labeled for internal use. This is very important because ingesting or using a synthetic or non therapeutic grade oil can result in severe illness or skin reactions.

I use Young Living’s brand of Essential Oils. They control everything from the seed, to the location its grown, to the optimal harvest procedures, to how the oil is extracted to best packaging practices. They have an exceptionally high level of integrity and they are 100% transparent. They list FDA mandated ingredients that they are not required to be label. So far I have been nothing but impressed with this company. No corporation or business is perfect and infallible. Should they make a mistake or oversight, they completely own up to it instead of trying to sweep it under the rug. I am not saying there are no other trustworthy companies either. This just happens to be the one I choose.

If you are interested in using Essential Oils, but feel overwhelmed and do not know where to start, please reach out. I am more than happy to help. I am so passionate about naturally supporting the body and want to share what I have learned with as many people as possible. 🤗


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