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Tips for Tuesday: Cinnamon Bark Essential Oil

Cinnamon is basically Fall, Thanksgiving and Christmas contained in a bottle. Its nostalgic and wonderful and one of my favorite things about the holiday season (is it too soon to say that?).

Cinnamon has been around for a really long time. In fact, way back in the day it was a sign of wealth to possess a large amount of cinnamon in the middle east. We are talking like 2000 BC. Even back then they knew this stuff was valuable. They used it to preserve meat and it was said that possession of cinnamon and using it aromatically, topically, or internally would promote wealth and abundance. It was extremely expensive so only the wealthy could get their hands on it. Some sources say it was just as valuable as gold! WOW!

What makes Cinnamon even more bad ass is the fact that it is packed with some pretty awesome health benefits.

First and foremost it supports and promotes normal circulation! Cinnamon is a heart warming scent for a reason! Its actually doing something good to it in there!

Cinnamon is also excellent for supporting and maintaining healthy blood sugar levels. That doesn’t mean you can eat cookies to your hearts content. You still have to try a little 😜

Do you face immune challenges? Of course who doesn't! Cinnamon is wonderful for supporting a healthy immune system! Guess what?! It is one of the ingredients in my favorite oil, Thieves!!! (Of course I had give a shout out to my buddy Thieves!).

How to use:

You can use cinnamon aromatically by adding a few drops to a diffuser, you can apply topically, or you can add it to cooking!

An additional benefit to using cinnamon oil aromatically is that is has a calming effect and can help promote emotional balance! I know I could use some of that action!

CAREFUL with internal use of essential oils! They MUST be Therapeutic Grade. To take it a step further, they must be SPECIFICALLY labelled for internal use. The Vitality line of Essential Oils are all specifically produced for internal use and are totally safe to ingest. If you plan to use them internally please to the the vitality line!

As a side of caution, some people have cinnamon allergies, so test out a tiny area of your skin if you are going to use it topically. As always, if you are on any medications, discuss incorporating cinnamon into your life with a qualified health care provider.

If you want to get started with Vitality oils, visit this page and follow the easy steps!

Happy Oiling!


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