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Sweet-Tooth Saturday: Apple Cider Muffnut Slapcakes w/ Maple Pumpkin Frosting

Say what now? What the hell is that?

I wanted to make apple cider donuts, and I wanted to make them low carb…this was the result:

They tasted really good, but come on, lets be real: it was a failure.

Then I thought, forget it, its Halloween, I am just going to splurge and use regular old gluten free flour from Trader Joe’s.

I mixed everything together and realized, darn, they are just a bit too gloppy and sticky to manually form into the shape of a donut and I don’t even own a donut pan where I could bake them. I also don’t have a funnel thing to squeeze the dough out into a circle, so I had to turn on creative mode. I heated a layer of oil in a pan, slapped some in some spoonfuls of dough, and just let them fry. The result: amazeeeballs. They were so good. Doughy and crispy, not too sweet, just perfectly imperfect.

Ad far as what to name them, well, you cant call it a donut, it just doesn’t LOOK like one. Our friends were over so I told them to get to work on a name. We all settled on Muffnet Slapcakes because they were somewhere between the consistency of a muffin, a donut, and a cake.

You always hear about how failure breeds success and this is a perfect example of how true that is. What started out as one failure after another ended in a resoundingly successful and delicious sweet treat. So go ahead and just keep on failing because one of these times its going to turn into something magnificent.

Click HERE to download and print the recipe.



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