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Meatless Monday: Jack-O-Lantern Stuffed Peppers

ITS THE WEEK BEFORE HALLOWEEN which means I am going to give you some fun halloween recipe ideas to prep you up for the weekend of festivities.

I am not as into halloween as I used to be. I haven’t been to a halloween party since Chiropractic School so the spirit has kind of worn off. I thought I could resurrect some of that excitement by getting into halloween themed food. I think my efforts will be rewarded because I am pumped about these Jack-o-lantern stuffed peppers. Aren’t they a scream?!

I know that stuffed peppers are traditionally made with ground meat, rice, tomato sauce, and sometimes smothered in some type of cheese, but its Meatless Monday and sorry, that beef has got to go. Not to fear, these are not even remotely disappointing…. if you love goat cheese.

Goat milk products are surprisingly healthy. If you want to learn all about Goat’s Milk and the amazing health benefits, look out for this week’s Wellness Wednesday.

Remember that whole saga I gave on why its good to have Meatless Mondays? Well, TECHNICALLY, to save your body from the inflammation, Monday should be absent of cow dairy as well. Don’t worry, I am not that big of a spazz. I refuse to tell you to give up dairy on top of your already stressful Monday. I will, however, offer an alternative to try and maybe you will like it! If not, just stick with the good stuff. We are all a work in progress and nothing happens over night. I still REFUSE to give up my tablespoon of half and half in my coffee in the mornings (I like my coffee the "how about a little coffee with that cream" kinda way). It is my comfort place and I am not ready to leave it. I love cheese too. I am not willing to 100% give that up either. I am certainly willing to commit to eating it LESS, but to give it up completely just ain’t happenin’. (I am sorry Vegans out there, I am TRYING, I am just not there yet ☹️ )

So give this recipe a try and see if you like Goat Cheese! In the grand scheme of things its not that expensive. They now sell it at our local whole sale store called BJ’s. Its packed with flavor so a little goes a long way.

Are you a Goat Cheese lover? Share your opinion in the comments below!

Click HERE to download and print the recipe.



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