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Fitness Fridays: Do What You Love

Fitness is a crazy broad topic, and I have spent quite a bit of time building my “fitness resume”. If you would like to know more about my background head over the “About Me” page.

You should know that I am not just some chick who decided everyone should listen to me. It is important that you can trust me as a professional. I don’t always look, talk, or act like a professional. I am a world class scatter brain and often can be found in profoundly poor fashion choices. Once in a while I can stream a grammatically correct sentence together, but most of the time I am just spewing words and hope that they meet some standard of English. I have, however, learned a lot in my short life and it’s important to know that knowledge came from somewhere.

Okay, Okay, lets get into the meat and potatoes.

For my opening topic, I think we should visit this idea of Exercise. I hate that word, don’t you? When I hear the word “exercise”, I automatically want to roll my eyes. To me, exercise is going out and forcing your body to move in ways that make you want to stomp your feet and scream “I DON’T WANNA!” I have workout ADD too. I cannot stand the thought of doing the same workout more than a couple times. My motto has become, if I don’t like it, I don’t do it. That’s why I don’t train anymore. I totally burnt myself out with the whole “you have to do this at this time for this long.” Blah blah blah, I just didn’t WANNA anymore. (Aren’t you training for a half marathon?...yeassssss but a friend asked me to do one with her and she is adorable and I’d like to see you say no to her face! Anyway, I do it on my own terms, I listen to my body, I make it fun for myself, and its nowhere near the level of training I had to do in the past. Plus its only a HALF of a marathon, not so bad, right?)

I just did this whole rant on trust me I know stuff but this topic is more of a philosophical viewpoint than anything factual. Oops! Sorry!

What’s my point here? My point is that whatever you do, make sure you LIKE IT! I don’t believe in dragging your ass to the gym. If you dread the gym, don’t go. If you like clubbing and get a good workout, throw up a disco ball in your living room and turn on some music. The whole point is to move, it doesn’t matter HOW. Try all different things and pick one you like. If you like one, then get sick of it, no biggie, just move on to the next thing. Do you like working out but just don’t like the atmosphere of the gym? Hey, me too! Let’s be friends! Stay tuned because I will share some awesome workout ideas that do not require any equipment or a gym! If all you have is your living room, fine, we will get it done!

So, in preparation for my coming fitness posts, think about what kinds of activities you love. If you have any requests, I’d be happy to write about them! I want to put stuff out there that you like. This is all about you, not me! Well, maybe in the beginning it will be about me, until I hear form all of you! Feel free to reach out and tell me what you’re thinking!

Next week Fitness Friday is going to be all about High Intensity Interval Training. Don’t worry it’s all good news!

See you next week!



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