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Fitness Friday: 20 Min. High Intensity Interval Training Workout

Updated: Nov 13, 2017

I have been super preachy in my last posts, and a bit long winded. This week I want to give you something you can DO. I always mention you have to do what you love. Since everyone has different tastes, I am going to offer you a workout routine that I really enjoy. You may hate it, you may love it. Give me some feedback so I know what I can keep the same and change for the future!

Here is my rationale behind the 20 minutes workout:

First off, its all you need for a good HIIT session. Second, its perfect for a lunch time routine if you only have an hour to workout and shower. I live only five minutes from work so this gives me enough time to run home, workout, shower and get back to the office in time.

SO, for the first video I have a FULL body workout using stuff that you probably have laying around your house.


Here is a link to this workout in Secondspro. You can download the app or play the workout from the link.


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