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Enter: 1899628 into the "Sponsor" and "Enroller" Sections.

This will ensure you are paired up with me so that I can serve as a resource for you!


As a wholesale member, you will receive 24% off of all products and access to a phenomenal rewards program where you can earn points back to use on products and the opportunity to receive free products every month! Below are the benefits of a wholesale membership compared to retail! Your basic membership fee will come with a Free Essential oil and samples of other products to try. This is a great value! Most Wholesale Stores require a yearly membership fee and that only gives you access to the store. With Young Living, you are getting something for your membership fee and you only have to pay it ONCE! 

1. Follow THIS LINK to set up a basic wholesale membership!  You will see a member number is already filled in. That's me! (#1899628). This number ensures that you will be teamed up with me so that I can provide any and all the support you need on your health journey. Just hit "next" and you are ready to continue!

2. Select "Basic Kits" Tab so that you can purchase a wholesale membership. This is a ONE TIME fee and does not need to be maintained yearly. Your only requirement to stay an active member purchase $50.00 worth of product one time per year. Instead of paying for a membership to get the pricing, you are actually getting a product for your membership! This is great and a better deal than our big wholesale stores like BJ's!



3. Essential Rewards is a monthly auto-ship program. There are many benefits to enrolling in this program. It can be set cancelled at any time. Use this section to add the individual products you'd like to purchase! Doing it this way will give you the most bang for your buck by getting points back on your order and eligibility toward free products!

Use this search bar to type in the products you wish to purchase. 

Click "add product" to add product to your order

4. Finish filling in your contact information. If you do not plan on sharing the oils with your friends and family and would like to opt out of earning commissions, just select the "Individual-No Social Security Number Required". If you DO want to enjoy the amazing compensation plan that Young Living has to offer, then select one of the other two options!

5. Agree to the terms and conditions; click "next"

6. Fill in your shipping and payment information. 

7. Checkout and you are DONE ! 

Welcome to the Wellthy Livin' Family!


We are so excited to have you and cannot wait to see how your life will change!

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