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Pregnancy is a delicate time for women.  The body is undergoing hormonal, emotional, and physical changes that often cause severe discomfort. During pregnancy, the expansion of the belly is often accompanied by an alteration in spinal and pelvic alignment. This misalignment can be extremely uncomfortable as the pregnancy progresses, and ultimately set the stage for a long and painful labor. Chiropractic care from qualified practitioners can be a safe and effective way to correct biomechanical changes that can cause discomfort for a pregnant woman.  We use low force and gentle techniques to normalize the mechanics of the pelvis, which will minimize the muscular tension that often is accompanied by and often the cause of low back pain.


Dr. Lisa is certified in the Webster Technique, a widely known modality used to align the pelvis, while reducing stress to the ligaments (particularly the round ligament) that connect the uterus to the pelvis. As the pregnancy progresses, the round ligaments stretch and tighten much like a rubber band stretched to its limits resulting in discomfort for you as well as a less than ideal environment for your developing baby.


The Webster Technique uses a very gentle adjusting technique as well as gentle manual therapy on the structures comprising the pelvis.  Dr. Lisa also utilizes Applied Kinesiology to determine if there is anything else contributing to any discomfort or the presenting condition.

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