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Whole Foods Nutrition & Cleanse

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There has been a growing interest in returning to our roots, and altering our diet to consist of fresh, unprocessed food.  Many of the new fad diets have the same underlying principles.  Reducing the consumption of processed foods, eliminating refined sugars, and consuming plenty of fresh fruits and vegetables will undoubtedly have a positive effect on your health and well being.


Eating healthy can be both affordable and delicious! At Hester Health, we’re as dedicated to educating our patients on healthy eating as we are to chiropractic care. We created a Healthy Living Portal to gain access to health tips that will help you feel confident in making smart, nutritional purchases, and make a smoother transition to a healthier lifestyle.


To help ease into a "back to nature” lifestyle, we’ll also provide periodic cleanses to help flush out all the unwanted junk.  Let's face it, we live in a toxic world and our bodies, as efficient as they are, sometimes need a little help expelling harmful substances that may wreak havoc on our overall health. Visit our "Seminars/Events" page for more information about our healthy living seminars.




Sometimes foods do not provide enough nutrition to get the body to overcome a health challenge.  Vegetables today have less nutrients than fifty years ago due to soil depletion.  Veggies are still very important and should be consumed liberally, however, when there is a need for a little extra, we allow whole foods supplements to step in and do the work.  We offer nutrition consultations to design very specific nutrition plans for each individual based on need and priority.  We evaluate every organ system and find out where there are deficits that require additional support as well as determine if there are foods that are necessary to avoid. If you have a health challenge that concerns you, make an appointment with us for a consultation!


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