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Applied Kinesiology

Your body is like a computer, and your brain and spinal column (also known as your Central Nervous System), are like the computer’s motherboard – without it, the computer is incapable of functioning. When you turn on your computer, it alerts the motherboard to turn on the hard drive, which prompts the operating system, sending signals to start programs. Similarly, when your central nervous system is triggered it initiates a system of physical reactions that interpret and communicate thoughts, feelings, and movements to the rest of the body. Your organs communicate with your muscles and vice versa. When the body is overstressed (through chemical, emotional, or structural issues), the signals in one or more muscles go weak or become “unbalanced”.



Applied Kinesiology is a “holistic” system because it looks at the whole person, not just selected parts. This method shows your doctor how to evaluate and restore your nervous system by examining your unbalanced muscles. After identifying your problem areas, your doctor is able to rebalance either through chiropractic adjustments, soft tissue work, physiotherapy, home exercise, and clinical nutrition, amongst others.


One of its predominant uses is for the diagnosis and subsequent treatment of sports-related injuries. For example, a serious knee injury in an athlete may eventually influence foot and pelvic function. An AK diagnosis considers remote causal factors such as jaw and cranial reflexes, acupuncture meridian imbalances, and even visceral reflexes that can impede full recovery of athletic performance.


Used alongside conventional diagnostic methods, AK treats the body as a whole, and is used to treat a variety of ailments such as car accident trauma, arthritis, back ache, muscular aches and pains, amongst others. Making the necessary changes as recommended by your doctor can help boost your energy, concentration levels, and ultimately improve your overall quality of life.

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